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Fall 2023 Schedule

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 Fall Courses and Spring Courses  on Zoom

(The link for Zoom is on the website)

Critical Thinking & Social Skills for Students 

November 30th, & December 14th  5:00-9:00 pm  (Zoom)

December 2nd, 3rd, 16th, & 17th  8:30-4:30 pm (Zoom)

Finding Resilience in Academic & Emotional and Adversity

January 11th & 25th  5:00-9:00 pm (Zoom)

January 13th,14th,27th, & 28th  8:30-4:30  (Zoom)

Positive Interventions for Challenging Students

February 8th & 22nd  5:00-9:00 pm  (Zoom)

February 10th,11th,24th, & 25th   8:30-4:30  (Zoom)

Creating a Positive and Organized Learning Environment

March 7th & 21st  5:00-9:00 pm  (Zoom)

March 9th,10th,23rd, & 24th  8:30-4:30  (Zoom)

Mind, Body, and Movement: The Impact on Learning

April 11th & 25th  5:00-9:00 pm  (Zoom)

April 13th,14th, 27th & 28th 8:00-4:30  (Zoom)

May Course- TBA


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